Wind n Sea Spa

maintenance and indulgence, why not have both . . . each treatment includes a soak, exfoliation, massage and an intense hydration treatment in the form of a masque or paraffin. As well as grooming of the nails and polish of your choice. We strongly recommend working with your natural nails. Each service is approximately 60 minutes long.

signature (sea of tranquility)
Our most soothing treatment using calming essential oils and a relaxing massage to bring you to a place of balance and peacefulness. Uses paraffin.

hand - 60 minutes - $30
foot- 60 minutes - $45

This no frills treatment restores you to optimal working condition using pressure point massage techniques and restorative essential oils. The treatment ends with a buffing of your nail beds for a well-groomed natural shine. Uses paraffin.

hand- 60 minutes - $30
foot- 60 minutes - $45

citrus treatment
Experience the uplifting properties of lemon and orange along with a synergistic blend to increase circulation and energy.

hand- 60 minutes - $30
foot- 60 minutes - $45

milk and honey
Known since the times of Cleopatra. This is the perfect blend to restore and relax. Uses paraffin.

hand- 60 minutes - $30
foot- 60 minutes - $45

cucumber mint
A great antidote for that heavy tired feeling. This combination stimulates blood flow, reduces edema and provides an instant energy boost.

hand- 60 minutes - $30
foot- 60 minutes - $45

chocolate splash
Enjoy the decadence of chocolate, the delicious aroma, the rich antioxidants and super hydrating ingredients from start to finish. Uses chocolate paraffin.

hand- 60 minutes - $30
foot- 60 minutes - $45

Spa manicure

45 minutes - $22

Spa pedicure

45 minutes - $32

french polish -

paraffin - $10

nail art - $1/nail

nail art - $1/nail

nail decal - $1/nail

foil - $1/nail

gel polish removal - $7


(14-day wear, zero dry time, mirror finish.. REALLY!)

A Manicure
- $32

A Pedicure - $42

158 E 9th Street
Bloomsburg , PA 17815
Ph: 570-389-1556
Email: [email protected]

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