Massage therapy is proven to help you relax and connect with your body's own ability to heal. Using our extensive knowledge of holistic healing this is a truly beneficial and indulgent experience.

***Pa State Board of Massage Therapy requires that a parent or guardian, or their representative, be physically present in the room during treatment of a minor.***

A system of therapeutic manipulations based on Swedish Style Massage with an understanding of anatomy and physiology to improve the circulation of blood and lymph while eliminating everyday muscle soreness and stiffness.

30 minutes - $34.00 / 60 minutes - $62.00 / 85 minutes - $85.00


The reflex zones of the feet affect the level of stress, wellness, energy and disease in the body. This treatment includes a therapeutic mineral foot bath and a complete reflexology massage for whole body balancing. A warm paraffin foot dip may be added to facilitate the healing process.

30 minutes - $35.00 / 45 minutes - $45.00

pregnancy massage
After your physician's approval, this massage helps to alleviate the discomforts associated with pregnancy: backaches, leg cramps, abdominal pressure, fatigue, headaches and insomnia.

30 minutes - $41.00 / 60 minutes - $68.00

la stone body therapy
Ancient tradition of healing through the use of hot stones. Specialized treatments facilitate physical and spiritual healing as radiant stones give up their heat they absorb your aches and pains. This balancing treatment aids the body in self-healing.

30 minutes - $48.00 / 60 minutes - $78.00

back therapy treatment
After your back, shoulders and upper arms are deep cleansed and polished to a silken smoothness, tight muscles are relaxed with Swedish or Aromatherapy Massage. Finish with either a customized paraffin wax treatment or a soothing aloe pack and scalp massage.

50 minutes - $49.00

on the rocks
Our signature Back Therapy Treatment is enhanced by the addition of smooth heated stones to further relax and restore.

50 minutes - $57.00

salt n glo
Achieve a natural looking, golden glow without dangerous sun-exposure. Our mineral salt scrub precedes the application of sunless tanning gel, rich in natural moisturizers giving you a luminous glow and even, lasting coverage.

45 minutes - $52.00

salt scrub
Mineral rich sea salt combined with dried seaweed and aromatherapy essential oils, help to smooth the skin, relax stressed muscles and soothe the senses. The perfect complement to our selection of wraps.

45 minutes - $48.00

for those with limited time or to enhance any treatment.

ultimate stress relief body massage
A gentle relaxing massage and a blend of pure aromatic oils calm the nerves and restore even the most tired of bodies.
45 minutes - $48.00

anti-stress back massage
A soothing massage designed to relax your back and alleviate stress.

20 minutes -$22.00

target massage
A deep pressure massage where you need it most.

15 minuteS -$18.00

sole therapy
The latest treatment to bring relief to overworked, tired and dry feet. A scrub, foot massage and paraffin dips provide you with exfoliation, hydration and relaxation!

30 minutes - $35.00

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